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Description:   Business Oriented Framework (BOF) is a Perl Application Server. Talking SOAP to the client, it is based on PostgreSQL, Perl, and POE.

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PMDGP - Distributed Genetic Programming PMDGP is an object oriented framework written in C++ for implementing genetic programming problems. Once a GP problem has been implemented using the framework, a GUI client and Server can be used do distribute the fitness evaluation.

Pluggable Storage Engine OO Framework Pluggable Storage Engine Obejct-Oriented framework for MySQL 5.1. Provides a set of C++ base classes from which one descends to create a new PSE. Includes the base classes, utility code, debug code, and an example PSE based on PSE-OO called BlackhOOle.

Strisys EA Framework Line of business application framework for common concerns such as: - Domain-driven development - State tracking - Validation - Composites - Query - Programmatic sql statement generation based on report meta-data - Support for pivot tables - State in

Touch interface available over LINUX TAVOLINUX stay for Touch interface AVailable Over LINUX and is a small set of controls of a touch oriented framework. Touch applications need a different behaviour and way of thinking.

AJAX sugarfree "AJAX sugarfree" is a powerful object-oriented framework, it makes implementing of various AJAX-ideas in your site very easy and convenient.

Webfrastructure N-tier object-oriented framework written in PHP. It is light-weight, flexible, easy to maintain, highly extensible, and designed to distribute both functionality and maintenance. Uses a persistence framework design and the model-view-controller pattern

Codebook Framework for Visual FoxPro Codebook is the premier object-oriented framework for VFP. It supports a n-tier design, and handles all of the common aspects of an application, such as validation, window management, menu management, error handling and conflict resolution.

FUNR-Framework for Network Reseah FUNR is an object-oriented framework for network research and analysis with the aim of becoming a standard in experimental network research analysis tools. FUNR is sponsored by UCLA's Network Research Laboratory.

Rapid Automation Framework for Testing PyRAFT is a general purpose object-oriented framework meant for testers. It aims to provide an easy platform on top of which testers can build tests as per their project requirements, for testing functionality, performance and security of software.

Tomochan Framework for .Net this framework target is small business. or personal.framework easy devlope

Business Objects XI R2-3 Extended Audit Adds on top of exisiting auditing, although audting is not required. Code queries the CMS and outputs all the data into a db for reporting.

Business Rule Compiler Compiler of a 0+ order rule system. From a ruleset using attribute value formalism a decision tree is build and java/C/C++ execution code will be generated.

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